29 sie 2012

Frida The It-Girl :)

 Frida Kahlo was a talented Mexican  painter who married a fat asshole Diego Riviera - the photo on the left. To learn something about her works click on the "picture" on the right.
It's been quite a while I've been inspired by Frida's works and Frida herself. Recently I've come across a website where she was called "the unintentional fashion icon" (http://www.trenddelacreme.com/2008/12/frida-kahlo-unintentional-fashion-icon.html) Well, going through fashion magazines I must admit that there is something to it... 

Photo by Gaby Herbstein

Photo by Gaby Herbstein


For Frida

That's a necklace I made being under impression of Frida's works. Later this necklace and the other one were used in a relly cool photo session arranged by Gabriela Bazan.



No doubt, Frida Kahlo didn't care about fashion. She didn't follow any trends. She used clothes and jewellery just for self expression. But with no intention to she became a trend setter, or as you may prefer an It-Girl ;)


27 sie 2012

Good Vibrations

People differ, therefore, they find pleasure in countless various ways. For some a device called Multistim may be indispensable.

Vice, Volume 3, Nr 7

Multistim is a device that can make you climax even five times in a row! (well, strange thing with this device... I couldn't find any more records about it anywhere except for VICE...) But never mind, it's not a thing I'd really like to have at home. Well... maybe just for one-night stand ;) What I really want is to have this!:


I guess some people may start wondering what the hell I need it to! This device is used in 3D printing, technology that upgrades projects of many kinds in a mind-blowin way. Let me show you some examples of 3D printed fashion objects.



Collection by Iris van Herpen, 2010 

Smashing, huh? Of, course, especially the price. To purchase a  high-quality 3D printer will cost you an arm & a leg. Out of my reach... :/ To keep suicidal thoughts away ;) let's listen to some "Good Vibrations"

23 sie 2012

All Kinds of Cuckolds ;)

by Filippo Protasoni,

A topic for today is antlers. Let's have a seat and go through the visual essay on this matter I've prapared . 

I must admit that I have 'cuckolded' in my life a bit too, actually  many people ;) 

antlers by me, photo by Przemek Chola

antlers by me, photo by Marcin Twardowski 

antlers by me, photo by A66a Andrzejewska

antlers by me, photo by Weronika Kosińska

antlers by me, photo by Łukasz Osuch
Some observant people;) may notice that these are different versions of the one and the same story. Maybe a bit dull but not for me. Look how many people my antlers have inspired! Cool, huh!?! :)

photo by Kamil Sarna, photomontage by me
And to close the collection and to diversify it a bit the photomontage by me.

Well, I couldn't help myself! ;)

17 sie 2012

Jesus Use Me! :)

I've just seen a list of the worst covers ever seen on ( gadu-gadu.pl/najgorsze-okladki-wszech-czasow?p=8d4ec09d397d34259b357f427aed2f69_19#gallery8d4ec09d397d34259b357f427aed2f69)

Well, I can't call them 'bad' since they've made my day! The list was far way longer. My pick of pics is following:

I'm a kinda Doubting Thomas. If I hadn't seen it I woudn't believe it!

 When it comes to money there are no boundries...

To me it sounds like a death thread;) So OK I will, I will!

 Ken is really hot! From both sides :)

 And here we have a screengrab from a nature film. I almost hear a comment made by David Attenborough on the sea lion :)

Oh,, I've found a song that would accompany this pic perfectly! :) Music, please!

When the Mask Falls...

I took me quite a while to make this mask.

In the first stage, my head was throbbing... ;)

In the second, I lost control and I didn't know what I was doing... ;) 

But finally... a round of applause, please! :)

And that photo inspired me to make it. Thank U Nick! Thank U Edward! :)

Edward by Nick Haymes

15 sie 2012

Ta Haret Tillbaka!

Costume Art


Go out with your armpits unshaven and you may get killed! Sounds ridiculous but facts speak for themselves. This hair-rising story began in March, in Sweden, during the finals of the Melodifestivalen national song contest. Then the librarian, Lina Ehrin, dared to show her unshaven underarm to the world. The gig was recorded and millions of viewers at her sight groaned in disgust. 

A screengrab was uploaded on Facebook what resulted in masses of abusive comments addressed to Lina. But a different voice could be heard, too. Some people came to conclusion that Lina has a right to do with her hair what she feels like. And a revolution started! Many women decided to upload their unshaven pit pics. It caused various reactions including... death threads. And here a quetion arises: why so natural thing like hair causes such an irrational reaction? Are we that brainwashed?! 

I've found a comment under the article (http://www.vice.com/read/a-hairy-situation-0000197-v19n5) made by Tara and I think that's the best conclusion:
"...sheer ingrained disgust in my ten year old daughter blew my mind. I never taught her that natural body hair was yuk, so where the hell has it come from?! Ingrained in society? What other reason would a ten year old have to gross out on it?"

13 sie 2012

Polyandry Wanna Taste it?


pol·y·an·dry (n.) - the condition or practice of having more than one husband at one time.(quoted after thefreedictionary). This phenomenon is to be found inter alia in Nepal and Tibet. Severe conditions of living there cause a disproportion in birth rates of boys and girls. Boys outnumber girls. 

Such a model of marriage sounds exciting especially to a woman from Europe where the gender imbalance is going in the opposite direction! :/ Exciting or not, that's not the point! What I'm wondering about are wedding rings.What wedding bands would be appropriate here? Well, I have a few suggestions! 

Maybe one like this, referring to a tight knot? :) 

The second one seems useful for handling family arguments ;)

And last but not least! I find it really handy! :]  
all images of these multi finger rings come from:  http://jlynnjewelry.blogspot.com/2010/09/bass-knuckles-mherf.html

Oh, is Lana thinking to be a spouse in a polyandric relationship, too? ;)

12 sie 2012

To fall is connected to try

Though it is, I keep on trying! I hope to finish my mask today. I'll share the results with you later. 

Love this song! It's such an energizer! Besides, if it contributes to Tymbark's success it may contribute to mine, won't it? ;) I'm going to listen to it from dawn to dusk and the other way round until  I throw up! ;)
Hairland by liil, mod: Vicky Stachowicz

10 sie 2012

1% of inspiration 99% of perspiration

Well, I guess each designer has experienced such a mundane process in life at least 100 times. And here a question arises. Is it fun to be a designer then? Definately it is, but to survive in this field you need to be aware of two tricks. First of all, even if you feel your head is emty kick your own ass and do something! It doesn't matter if your project looks smashing at first sight or not. Do even an average thing! Do even a mediocre thing! Don't wait for perfection! Run with that what you have, and fix it as you go. As an old saying goes: it's better to regret what you have done than what you haven't. Secondly, be aware that being succesfull takes mainly one thing sweat, a lot of sweat! So just before you start your work go and get yourself a good deodorant! ;) 

Let me introduce some experts in the field of design! 

Maria Makowska & Piotr Stolarski (GOGO) 


Greg Gonsior


Bartosz Mucha


Michał Radziemski


Surely they worked hard and sweated a lot. I really take pride in these fellows. They deserve the Polish national anthem! :)

9 sie 2012

Money Doesn't Smell!

How far may creativity take a designer? It turnes out that into deep deep shit! Is it bad? Not really as long as you can make money on it:) True Blue Roo Poo specializes in gadgets made of poo. And their Gold Koala Poo Earrings are their latest good at sale. Is the good good? Well, if you suspect that jewellery smells you are right! It has a really nice scent of... eucalyptus. Coala bears are on a strict diet, thank God! :)


Time for more freaks! 
All that Herb Williams does all day long is to play with crayons and the best part is that he makes for a living this way. The idea for sculptures made out from crayons came to him in a dream. The idea caught on!
What direction should a designer take to be successful? No idea! That is a good idea itself that is worth its weight in gold! 


Ave, Ave, Freaks! ;)