27 sie 2012

Good Vibrations

People differ, therefore, they find pleasure in countless various ways. For some a device called Multistim may be indispensable.

Vice, Volume 3, Nr 7

Multistim is a device that can make you climax even five times in a row! (well, strange thing with this device... I couldn't find any more records about it anywhere except for VICE...) But never mind, it's not a thing I'd really like to have at home. Well... maybe just for one-night stand ;) What I really want is to have this!:


I guess some people may start wondering what the hell I need it to! This device is used in 3D printing, technology that upgrades projects of many kinds in a mind-blowin way. Let me show you some examples of 3D printed fashion objects.



Collection by Iris van Herpen, 2010 

Smashing, huh? Of, course, especially the price. To purchase a  high-quality 3D printer will cost you an arm & a leg. Out of my reach... :/ To keep suicidal thoughts away ;) let's listen to some "Good Vibrations"

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