1 sty 2014

NU is coming...



Saying good bye to the old and welcoming the new I'm preparing myself to create my fourth collection inspired by tsaritsas. I'm truelly fascinated by Russian patterns and design in general.  

The best source of inspiration I've found in Russian fairy tales:



I've already drawn some sketches basing on Russian patterns common in folk needle-works. But all in all, the whole collection is going to be really modern. Russian folk design is supposed just to add some flavour to it. Hopefully, it will be something good ;) 

11 wrz 2013

Empty Room

http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/wind-blowing by falseambitions

I feel like an empty room. There is no life here, everything is still. Only wind playing with the curtain gives some illusions of energy present yet. Summer is dying slowly and queietly. Minute after minute, raindrops, leaves some seeds forcing vulnerable resistance of the curtain are landing inside.  The outdoors is swallowing indoors.

No furniture, no pictures, no carpets or rugs just nothing that you could make you want to stay. Just unborn children's laughter keeps echoing among naked walls.

by Jan Saudek

My parents want me to stay in their house and bring more life there. But I can't 'cause I feel like an empty room...

7 lip 2013

Air Show

What is in the air? Sorrow. Inhale it. Exhale it.
                                                               AIR                    SORROW
                                                               VENT                TRISTESSE 
                                                       POWIETRZE     SMUTEK  
                                                               LUFT                 TRAUER 
                                                               AIRE                  TRISTEZA
Soul weighs just 21 grams, still too heavy for me...
Yiqing Yin
Yiqing Yin, http://ca.fashionmag.com/news/La-maison-Yiqing-Yin-invitee-a-defiler-en-haute-couture,213910.html#.UdfSmTtFCyg

Yiqing Yin x Laurence Laborie
Yiqing Yin’s SS2011 collection photographed by Laurence Laborie.
The photos above present just breathtaking projects by Yiqing Yin. Which fashion designer can fight her in the category 'airy' fashion? The one that hasn't been born yet!

Below there are airy photos by absolutely the best of the best fashion photographers: NICK KNIGHT!

Photos by Nick Knight, Lady Gaga as his model/ more at: http://www.designerhk.com/blog/28/8283

Today post's been written in a few languages. Maybe it looks as if I wasn't consistent but it's not that. I just need to speak/write/think in a few languages. Some languages express some emotions better than others.

Oh, when it comes to foreign languages I've just remebered what Coco Chanel once said when her sexual choices during the war were said to diminish her patriotism:

'My ass is international, my heart is French.' (Coco Chanel)  :D

Hermes autumn-winter 2011-2012 Women Clothing Campaign

my airy corset, photos by Karol Paciorek, mua: Weronika Gwiazda, hs: Alicja Chawrona, model: Magdalena (Fashion Colour) 

- Ou est ma douceur de vivre?
- Est s'evapore...

28 cze 2013

Mayday, Mayday Earth!

by Lidia Sajdak, Avedon gave me inspiration, J.gave
me her beautiful face and time 
I go to toy shops pretty often. Well, the reason for that is not that I’m particularly keen on teddy bears and other cuddly, fluffy things. In my case, it’s kinda habit I have had since I started teaching English to the blind. At the very beginning of this part of my professional life I had to change my approach towards teaching process completely.  I had taught before but then my assumption was that students in 80% acquire knowledge via vision and what to do in the case of students who use every sense except for sight? And at this point, toy shops came really handy. They provided me all teaching aids or simply “props” I needed. Now going through boxes with toys is just an unconditioned reflex. This way I purchased an elephant (visible in the picture)

And did you know that If you are in love you can see elephants?! :) 

frame from the film Voksne mennesker

Well I either you can see elephants or you go blind; one of two options Neither's good :D

This long discourse on elephants made me to think about elephant skin. Have you noticed that it looks a bit like a maze. Insects living in the skin of an elephant make long distances everyday not knowing where they get stuck finally; in the mouth, in the ear, or  in the ass.

Isn't similar in life, generally? We think we make conscious, reasonable decisions but in fact we are groping in the dark, many a time ending up in the... ass.

And to finish this stream of conscious I'll tell that elephants make me think about dinosours. I feel like a dinosour myself. Well in terms of extinct species. Well... I mean I feel like the only living representative of an extinct species;)  And in a result, nobody is like me, just nobody!!!

A few weeks ago I saw glimpse of hope when I learned that some scientists dug a mammoth out. I thought that at last I found my half! Well joy ceased really quickly when it turned out the mammoth was female...
Runway to Green, A Bid to Save the Earth, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, Vogue, Alexander McQueen
I need to keep searching...
Or simply give up...

Didier Marcel : Labour,

Any final conclusion? Yes! Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you love,or whoever loves you, there is no remedy, at the very end the ground will be awaiting you. (have you noticed that's the third element, come back to previous posts and wait for air!!!) Either you NOBODY or VIP you''ll end up as R.I.P.! Isn't depressing? Isn't comforting? Well, at least, it works two ways on me.

Recently, I heard Rafał Olbiński say that sorrow is wiser than joy. Not to go mad and end up in the jacket let's stick to that motto.

23 maj 2013

Heartless & less...

And again I’m feeling as if my naked body was lying spread on wet, cold rocks. Really hate it. Do you know this sensation; a sense of total solitude and coldness? People believe that hell is a place full of fire. No, it’s not. Hell is like this; you’re cold, you're alone, enveloped in total silence.

And my heart is floating on the ocean of despair. And I let it go further and further...  

Hey, did you know such a equitation?:


Well in other words you may say that ocean consists of drops while a drop consists of ocean. 
blankituss, girl, alone, fashion, water

And I swallow the ocean and the ocean swallows me. 

Some people believe, I’m among them, that a single person is like a fractal of universe. And I couldn't agree more. “The ingredients” are more or less the same in the case of human body as in the case of the whole universe. A body is just a far way smaller “dose” of all ingredients. And that also explains why in one post I’m writing about fire I’m having inside and about water in the other. I simply consist of both and it really complicates my life ;) 

Now I'm at the turning point but I don't know what to do or where to go and which element will take control over me all I know is I need to move. Inertness means death. 
Ana Beatriz Barros 3

7 maj 2013

flowers on fire

Bright moments always lead to gloomy moments in my life. Never opposite...

Again I have a feeling that I’m participating in a Greek tragedy. Really unthinkable coincidences have led me to even more unthinkable situations. At the moment, I’m really fed up with walking, searching calling… Again I’m at crosswords when it comes to my professional life and other aspects too. And more and more questions are arising staying unanswered...

The situation repeats itself year after year actually. There’re two months left to my birthday and in May I’m always a bit down and it’s not a question of growing old, to tell the truth I wouldn’t like to be younger even one day. The thing is though I must admit I’m successful a list of successes always seems shortish somehow and I have a sensation of wasted time.

And now, honey, I'm not going any further...Now I want to stop. Going this path's too painful and tiresome. I’ll rather stay here withering instead.

This post is dedicated to my friend Dag, who can read between the lines though not always gets my metaphors ;P Hope the desert-like-feeling making us two flowers on fire will go away soon. That’s my wish for our birthdays :*
 PS. Dag, you're such an angel and I'm such a rebel, I've always been a rebel... but now we feel the same. I still have a gallon of petrol and a box of matches. Let's set fire to this shitty world, Mon Amie!!

19 kwi 2013

Double Trouble-Death & Taxes

There is something wrong and dense in the air this month. Everything is off the right tracks or is leading to dead ends. All people close to me are suffering one way or another. It’s so difficult to breathe… and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you may hold on to. And no way out… 
poster by Lex Drewiński, stgu.pl/lex-is-more
Melvin Sokolsky "Du Taxi", http://ana-lee.livejournal.com/168272.html

In moments like this the lines from the song "Lasagna" by the Knife keep echoing in my head. 
You could have locked yourself up
 For ten years or so
And when you finally came out
There would still be no chances for you
I look for moves and I search for breaths
And it leaves me
Thinking about death

For me it's like a prophecy I'm most afraid of. 

Recently, I’ve come across a song by Sarah Blasko that fits here perfectly.  
Despite of problems of other nature I have to pay a few hundred zloty of taxes. And what for? Mainly for doing jobs I don’t feel like doing. Everything seems uncertain only death and taxes are two certainties in life ;) 

Pictures below are supposed to show a binary system in which troubles love to pop up ;) 

Louise Dahl-Wolf (1895-1989),
Twins at the Beach, 1955, http://arts-jumeaux-doubles.blogspot.com/2012_11_01_archive.html

a fragment of photo by Łukasz Osuch, binary dresses by me

All in all, dog years are not over yet...
poster by Lex Drewiński, http://stgu.pl/lex-is-more
Where is my rifle?!  

Let me finish this post with special thanks to ~katjaLuv for making me believe that I make "good stuff" :) I  r e a l l y needed that, kid! :glomp:

2 kwi 2013

I'm All Ears!

Today post is supposed to be about ears... Though it's just a pretext to write about something completely else ;)

Here I'd like to refer to a film that makes all my senses happy. It's "Intouchables".What's the most extraordinary about this film is that it tells a true story! J'adore! I've remembered it 'cause my favourite scene is connected with ears.


I really wanted to upload here the song titled "Takiego Chłopaka" by Mikromusic but for some reason I can't so the link must do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOG988efJYE
I love this song. It's the best 'prayer' I've ever heard and so hillarious and so true... and that sweet sweet voice, balm to my ears... <3

hot male model, shirtless male model, man in bunny ears, man in cat ears, body, costumes for men, pleasure, bondage, leather

I wouldn't mind if the fate sent me such a boy! ;)

28 mar 2013

Good & Beautiful

This post was supposed to be an outlet for my frustration on Polish competitions for fashion designers especially on Golden Thread. Last year the organizors really goofed up announcing one designer to be the winner while the another actually won. This year they want to cover the bad impression by inviting Kasia Tusk to the jury!!! A round of applause, please! :> For me it's like covering the bad impression with the even worse one. If this competition and other ones aim to at least to pretend to be professional invite E X P E R T S to the jury at last! Not so-called trend setters or silly celebrities or teen bloggers but EXPERTS: fashion photographers, other designers, costumers... But I know that's just a wishful thinking. That's why I'm finishing the issue here and taking up the new one the actual subject of this post.

Recently, I've come across breathtaking works by Motohiko Odani.

Motohiko Odani1 ART >>> Sculptures par Motohiko Odani

And that's something that's really worth attention!


I've taken up French again. I'm fantasizing I was born in Paris and I've never even visited Poland... 

I'm going to be good and beautiful... F O R E V E R that's my plan...

I've placed here a link to the fragment of the film titled "The Piano" 'cause I had some R E A S O N S;) Namely, this film is good and beautiful and it was a great inspiration for me to take two photos I've presented in this post.