13 sie 2012

Polyandry Wanna Taste it?


pol·y·an·dry (n.) - the condition or practice of having more than one husband at one time.(quoted after thefreedictionary). This phenomenon is to be found inter alia in Nepal and Tibet. Severe conditions of living there cause a disproportion in birth rates of boys and girls. Boys outnumber girls. 

Such a model of marriage sounds exciting especially to a woman from Europe where the gender imbalance is going in the opposite direction! :/ Exciting or not, that's not the point! What I'm wondering about are wedding rings.What wedding bands would be appropriate here? Well, I have a few suggestions! 

Maybe one like this, referring to a tight knot? :) 

The second one seems useful for handling family arguments ;)

And last but not least! I find it really handy! :]  
all images of these multi finger rings come from:  http://jlynnjewelry.blogspot.com/2010/09/bass-knuckles-mherf.html

Oh, is Lana thinking to be a spouse in a polyandric relationship, too? ;)

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