19 kwi 2013

Double Trouble-Death & Taxes

There is something wrong and dense in the air this month. Everything is off the right tracks or is leading to dead ends. All people close to me are suffering one way or another. It’s so difficult to breathe… and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you may hold on to. And no way out… 
poster by Lex Drewiński, stgu.pl/lex-is-more
Melvin Sokolsky "Du Taxi", http://ana-lee.livejournal.com/168272.html

In moments like this the lines from the song "Lasagna" by the Knife keep echoing in my head. 
You could have locked yourself up
 For ten years or so
And when you finally came out
There would still be no chances for you
I look for moves and I search for breaths
And it leaves me
Thinking about death

For me it's like a prophecy I'm most afraid of. 

Recently, I’ve come across a song by Sarah Blasko that fits here perfectly.  
Despite of problems of other nature I have to pay a few hundred zloty of taxes. And what for? Mainly for doing jobs I don’t feel like doing. Everything seems uncertain only death and taxes are two certainties in life ;) 

Pictures below are supposed to show a binary system in which troubles love to pop up ;) 

Louise Dahl-Wolf (1895-1989),
Twins at the Beach, 1955, http://arts-jumeaux-doubles.blogspot.com/2012_11_01_archive.html

a fragment of photo by Łukasz Osuch, binary dresses by me

All in all, dog years are not over yet...
poster by Lex Drewiński, http://stgu.pl/lex-is-more
Where is my rifle?!  

Let me finish this post with special thanks to ~katjaLuv for making me believe that I make "good stuff" :) I  r e a l l y needed that, kid! :glomp:

2 kwi 2013

I'm All Ears!

Today post is supposed to be about ears... Though it's just a pretext to write about something completely else ;)

Here I'd like to refer to a film that makes all my senses happy. It's "Intouchables".What's the most extraordinary about this film is that it tells a true story! J'adore! I've remembered it 'cause my favourite scene is connected with ears.


I really wanted to upload here the song titled "Takiego Chłopaka" by Mikromusic but for some reason I can't so the link must do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOG988efJYE
I love this song. It's the best 'prayer' I've ever heard and so hillarious and so true... and that sweet sweet voice, balm to my ears... <3

hot male model, shirtless male model, man in bunny ears, man in cat ears, body, costumes for men, pleasure, bondage, leather

I wouldn't mind if the fate sent me such a boy! ;)