28 cze 2013

Mayday, Mayday Earth!

by Lidia Sajdak, Avedon gave me inspiration, J.gave
me her beautiful face and time 
I go to toy shops pretty often. Well, the reason for that is not that I’m particularly keen on teddy bears and other cuddly, fluffy things. In my case, it’s kinda habit I have had since I started teaching English to the blind. At the very beginning of this part of my professional life I had to change my approach towards teaching process completely.  I had taught before but then my assumption was that students in 80% acquire knowledge via vision and what to do in the case of students who use every sense except for sight? And at this point, toy shops came really handy. They provided me all teaching aids or simply “props” I needed. Now going through boxes with toys is just an unconditioned reflex. This way I purchased an elephant (visible in the picture)

And did you know that If you are in love you can see elephants?! :) 

frame from the film Voksne mennesker

Well I either you can see elephants or you go blind; one of two options Neither's good :D

This long discourse on elephants made me to think about elephant skin. Have you noticed that it looks a bit like a maze. Insects living in the skin of an elephant make long distances everyday not knowing where they get stuck finally; in the mouth, in the ear, or  in the ass.

Isn't similar in life, generally? We think we make conscious, reasonable decisions but in fact we are groping in the dark, many a time ending up in the... ass.

And to finish this stream of conscious I'll tell that elephants make me think about dinosours. I feel like a dinosour myself. Well in terms of extinct species. Well... I mean I feel like the only living representative of an extinct species;)  And in a result, nobody is like me, just nobody!!!

A few weeks ago I saw glimpse of hope when I learned that some scientists dug a mammoth out. I thought that at last I found my half! Well joy ceased really quickly when it turned out the mammoth was female...
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I need to keep searching...
Or simply give up...

Didier Marcel : Labour,

Any final conclusion? Yes! Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you love,or whoever loves you, there is no remedy, at the very end the ground will be awaiting you. (have you noticed that's the third element, come back to previous posts and wait for air!!!) Either you NOBODY or VIP you''ll end up as R.I.P.! Isn't depressing? Isn't comforting? Well, at least, it works two ways on me.

Recently, I heard Rafał Olbiński say that sorrow is wiser than joy. Not to go mad and end up in the jacket let's stick to that motto.