30 wrz 2012

Shirts - Massive Attack!

They say that it takes six miles of yarn to make one t-shirt...

I'm wondering how much time did it take Kaarina Kaikkonen to prepare one of her famous exhibitions.


They were made of... shirts. 

Kaarina Kaikkonen - Are We Still Going On?, Collezione Maramotti, installation, recycling art


Here a bit of more shirts...
Kaarina Kaikkonen - Are We Still Going On?, Collezione Maramotti, 2012, recycled art


Kaarina Kaikkonen, Just a whisper of wind


And here... surprise, surprise, surprise... shirts! But this time starched and beautifully shaped.


Oh, there are also some jackets for a change. Smashing view! What a pity people's laudry doesn't usually look that good :(

But let's come back to the point, to the shirts. Not only did Kaarina love shirts so much. Below one of my favourite outfits by V&R.

A wool jacket with cotton and silk collars, by Viktor & Rolf, 2003

Is there any conclusion here? Yes, it is! All you need is shirt! 

18 wrz 2012

French Chic - 10 Commandments

“Il faut souffrir pour etre belle.”? Bullshit! According to the icon of fashion, Coco Chanel: "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." So basics have been covered. Now it's time to think what it takes to achieve this unconstrained style of mademoiselles and madames. I bet that most of you thought about money in the first place. Do you really have to fork out to look like a Parisienne? Again, bullshit! :)

Let me prepare ten "commandments" sticking to which will allow you to mimic successfully French style.


I. Wear dark and neutral colours (black, navy, grey and white)
II. Tracksuits? Forget about tracksuits!!!
III Buy yourself a good pair of jeans. What does it mean good? Well, compelementing your figure.
IV. Don't dare to wear leggins without a skirt or tunic. C’est vulgaire!
V. Jacket. Wear mens jackets but make them more femminie. How? Combine it with a flattering top and add a nice belt for examaple, and ta-da! :) 
VI. It's about layers! Wear clothes in a natural way. Everyday clothes are not your uniform, let some bits of your sweater just to peep out from behind your leather jacket. Add an eye-catching scarf et voila! 
VII. Trench. Your wardrobe would be just useless without it.
VIII Don't wear sets. Everybody looks in them riddiculous. And a Parisienne seeing you in them would think your useless at clothes combination. Therefore mix, mix, mix! Expensive and cheap go really well together.
IX. Accessories. Don't wear too much at a time. A necklace, bracelet and earings piled up on one woman are out of question!
X. Shoes. Parisienne hate breaking their legs that's why they avoid stilletoes and they invest in safety, namely in ballerines. Sometimes even sneakers will do! Hard to imagine, huh? ;) 

  Basically, keep your outfit simple. An obvious combination of a T-shirt and jeans can look tres chic when combined with an attractive accessorium.

And time for the EXPERT!:


Audrey Tautou starred the film ‘Coco Before Chanel’. Some people claim that she was a perfect inacarnation of the French fashion icon I'm not that sure of that what I'm sure is that she's got the French look. And looking at her is pleasing to the eye.

Et la chanson!!!

10 wrz 2012

Decoding Asia


I'm fascinated by Asian design. It's difficult to say what it takes to create that smashing stuff. Is it a question of an ability just ingrained in Asian genes? Or is it rather a question of mundane work and fertile imagination? Who knows? But the results are blow-minding. And below a bit of oldies but goodies: Collection by Kunihiko Morinage at Japanese Fashion Week 2011/2012.

Pixelated Japanese Fashion Show
Kunihiko Morinage

Pixelated Japanese Fashion Show
Kunihiko Morinage

Pixelated Japanese Fashion Show
Kunihiko Morinage

All photos above come from: http://www.ballajack.com/mode-8-bit-geekettes

And at the end one of the best commercials I've seen this year :)

3 wrz 2012


For the first time I've heard about analgesia from one of the books by Stieg Larsson. 
It's a condition which is characterized by lack of pain sensation. Sounds like a really cool disease...  ;)

It took me about six days to read the whole trilogy. And I must admit that for a very long time no books have engrossed me so much!Though at first sight they seemed to longish it soon turned out that they are so skillfully written and end with a cliff-hungers that a reader is just dying for more!  That's a great pity that it's only trilogy. And though you may hope the writer will write something more... you hope in vain. Stieg Larsson is dead...

                                                  That's Rooney Mara, she starred A Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


An old saying goes: "Don't judge the book by the cover" But I do! And I find the original covers by a Swedish illustrator, Jörgen Einéus, smashingly the best! They make the books by Larsson just jump off the shelves.



And this is a French version of the covers... maybe they're nice... but they suggest some gothic stories and they don't go well with the real content of the books. 

Millenium Stieg Larsson Actes Sud

I don't like American ones at all therefore I don't even show them here. What is more, the American titles of the trilogy are mistranslated.

Män som hatar kvinnor translates as Men Who Hate Women has been translated as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

the second volume Flicken som lekte med elder surprise, surprise! has received an literal translation The Girl Who Played with Fire

Luftslottet Som Sprägdes, translates literally as The Air Castle That Blew Up but it has been translated as The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

It was wise of Polish publishers to use the original covers. Though Asian (I&III Chinese, II Japanese) versions are really cool too.

Man SOM Hatar Kvinnor [The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo] (Chinese... Cover Art

Flickan SOM Lekte Med Elden [The Girl Who Played with Fire]


Photo Credit: ©Jean-Baptiste Mondino

I'm in love with exciting... books! 

P.S. Thank you Dag! :)*

2 wrz 2012

Rubber Flapper

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."


1920's fashion is still present. To me it's no surprise. It was a time when people made a big step to the future and with no sentiment said good bye to the previous era. The change embraced all fields of life; manufacturing, technology, music. And the revolution of that time still has wide repercussions. But the greatest change took place in women themselves. They were fed up with waiting for company of men in everything. (note that many young men had died in the WWI). They wanted to have FUN, FUN, FUN! And the first thing they did was to kick out old-fashioned torture devices like corsets and crinolines. Freedom reigned!

by Sarah Moon

by Sarah Moon

Contemporary designers are still  reaching for a great variety of cuts and patterns dating back to 1920's. One of my favourite collection inspired by flappers was the one created by Galliano for Dior for season A/W 2009/2010


diorfall2009 Dior Fall 2009 Ready to Wear Collection

Some time ago I couldn't help myself and designed a rubber flapper dress. Dress is made with vinyl gloves and rubber bands. It took a w h i l e... to make it! The results below :)

And a bit of Polish music from that times but in new arrangements. Enjoy! :)

1 wrz 2012

Bad Hair Day

Funny Hairstyles

A Bad Hair Day is something as inevitable as death and taxes and it reaches sooner or later everybody. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Today it's happend to me... So what you can do when your hair is misbehaving and even your cats can't stand your looks?

The only reasonable solution is to... wear a cap! 

To feel better I decided to search for other people who've experienced BHD.

by Richard Avedon



A bear and birds and some eggs... She looks as if St. Francis of Assisi was her personal stylist ;)


A guy with a moustache on his forehead... priceless! ;)

V&R, A/W2005

 A pillow... the worst enemy of your hair...


Sometimes bad hair may cause some great misunderstandings. You may be taken for somebody you aren't, you never were, or even don't want to be ever. A hillarious situation of this kind occurred once to Frank Zappa during of an interview.

"An interviewer with a wooden leg said to Frank Zappa, 'With your long hair, from where I am sitting you could be a woman.' Frank Zappa replied, 'From where I'm sitting you could be a table.'"


I really love this poster! 

Hair extensions may be a good idea. Hair extensions may be a bad idea... But think it twice before you make a change difficult to repair . Buy a cap first! ;)

by Daniel Castro

Kiss, kiss!!!