24 sty 2013

Graphene - revolution in Fashion

Graphene,the worlds' thinnest, carbon-based material discovered at The University of Manchester in 2004 caused great excitement among scientists. Nine years later it causes great excitement in me!  Though graphene is nothing else but a single sheet of graphite its properties are completely different. It perfectly combines mechanical, electrical and thermal conductivity. Electrons building graphene show great mobility which gives enormous prospects for production of electronic devices of minute sizes with superior performance. Graphene is very likely to squeeze silicone out!

To my surprise there haven’t really been any groundbreaking uses of graphene in fashion yet. Only Alistair Carr seemed to replicate the structure of monolayer graphene in one of his collections and that's it. 

source: http://irenebrination.typepad.com/irenebrination_notes_on_a/2012/06/honeycomb-structures-graphene.html

And that's it!?! 

Must have it! :) Must do it something about it!

Future looks bright! ;)