7 lip 2013

Air Show

What is in the air? Sorrow. Inhale it. Exhale it.
                                                               AIR                    SORROW
                                                               VENT                TRISTESSE 
                                                       POWIETRZE     SMUTEK  
                                                               LUFT                 TRAUER 
                                                               AIRE                  TRISTEZA
Soul weighs just 21 grams, still too heavy for me...
Yiqing Yin
Yiqing Yin, http://ca.fashionmag.com/news/La-maison-Yiqing-Yin-invitee-a-defiler-en-haute-couture,213910.html#.UdfSmTtFCyg

Yiqing Yin x Laurence Laborie
Yiqing Yin’s SS2011 collection photographed by Laurence Laborie.
The photos above present just breathtaking projects by Yiqing Yin. Which fashion designer can fight her in the category 'airy' fashion? The one that hasn't been born yet!

Below there are airy photos by absolutely the best of the best fashion photographers: NICK KNIGHT!

Photos by Nick Knight, Lady Gaga as his model/ more at: http://www.designerhk.com/blog/28/8283

Today post's been written in a few languages. Maybe it looks as if I wasn't consistent but it's not that. I just need to speak/write/think in a few languages. Some languages express some emotions better than others.

Oh, when it comes to foreign languages I've just remebered what Coco Chanel once said when her sexual choices during the war were said to diminish her patriotism:

'My ass is international, my heart is French.' (Coco Chanel)  :D

Hermes autumn-winter 2011-2012 Women Clothing Campaign

my airy corset, photos by Karol Paciorek, mua: Weronika Gwiazda, hs: Alicja Chawrona, model: Magdalena (Fashion Colour) 

- Ou est ma douceur de vivre?
- Est s'evapore...