23 sie 2012

All Kinds of Cuckolds ;)

by Filippo Protasoni,

A topic for today is antlers. Let's have a seat and go through the visual essay on this matter I've prapared . 

I must admit that I have 'cuckolded' in my life a bit too, actually  many people ;) 

antlers by me, photo by Przemek Chola

antlers by me, photo by Marcin Twardowski 

antlers by me, photo by A66a Andrzejewska

antlers by me, photo by Weronika Kosińska

antlers by me, photo by Łukasz Osuch
Some observant people;) may notice that these are different versions of the one and the same story. Maybe a bit dull but not for me. Look how many people my antlers have inspired! Cool, huh!?! :)

photo by Kamil Sarna, photomontage by me
And to close the collection and to diversify it a bit the photomontage by me.

Well, I couldn't help myself! ;)

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