28 mar 2013

Good & Beautiful

This post was supposed to be an outlet for my frustration on Polish competitions for fashion designers especially on Golden Thread. Last year the organizors really goofed up announcing one designer to be the winner while the another actually won. This year they want to cover the bad impression by inviting Kasia Tusk to the jury!!! A round of applause, please! :> For me it's like covering the bad impression with the even worse one. If this competition and other ones aim to at least to pretend to be professional invite E X P E R T S to the jury at last! Not so-called trend setters or silly celebrities or teen bloggers but EXPERTS: fashion photographers, other designers, costumers... But I know that's just a wishful thinking. That's why I'm finishing the issue here and taking up the new one the actual subject of this post.

Recently, I've come across breathtaking works by Motohiko Odani.

Motohiko Odani1 ART >>> Sculptures par Motohiko Odani

And that's something that's really worth attention!


I've taken up French again. I'm fantasizing I was born in Paris and I've never even visited Poland... 

I'm going to be good and beautiful... F O R E V E R that's my plan...

I've placed here a link to the fragment of the film titled "The Piano" 'cause I had some R E A S O N S;) Namely, this film is good and beautiful and it was a great inspiration for me to take two photos I've presented in this post.

15 mar 2013

The Green Tea Bride

The Green Tea Bride --
The Green Tea Bride, 2006 by Kimiko Yoshida, 
Kimiko Yoshida over the seven years was taking self-portraits, themed "brides" my favourite one is "The Green Tea Bride". 

The Mao Bride --
The Mao Bride, 2006, Kimiko Yoshida

The Cyber Bride --
The Cyber Bride, 2003 by Kimiko Yoshida

The topic Kimiko Yoshida used in her photos made me reflect on weddings... I hate weddings. I loath them!!! No matter what a convence of wedding reception a young couple chooses it's always dull and grotesque.

Kimiko Yoshida

Self Portraits by Kimiko Yoshida part3 1 Self Portraits by Kimiko Yoshida {Part 3}
Kimiko Yoshida

Kimiko Yoshida

The only way to save your party is to invite Kimiko Yoshida. I will, I will ;)

9 mar 2013

Women Rule!

photo by Magdebursky, my collar :)

This post was intended for yesterday but yesterday I had no access to the Internet all day long. But in this case a date doesn't matter since I'm writing about a thing that on the 9th of March is still true :)

In the first place, I'd like to refer to women who are named almost the same like me; two Lygias: Lygia Pape and Lygia Clark.

Lygia Pape is most famous for this work:

Lygia Pape - DIVISOR, 1968, Tecido


Lygia Pape, Ttéia, Biennale de Venise
Love is so difficult to catch, isn't it? ;)  Lygia somehow managed :)

 And now Lygia Clark is coming! :)
Lygia Clark, expérimentation de l&rsquo;artiste. Photographie noir et blanc<br><br>Courtesy Lygia Clark © Lygia Clark
dialogue of hands
Dialogue of Hands, http://bodytracks.org/2009/06/lygia-clark-and-helio-oiticica-dialogo-de-manos-dialogue-of-hands

And at the end Shirin Neshat with her "explosive" materials ;)


And again Peter inspired me to writing this post. Thank U, Peter :)*
Song for you sung by the greatest woman of all :)

2 mar 2013

Hang by a Thread


Some time ago a friend of mine noticed how much I loved working with threads. Looking at one of my works he recollected Chiharu Shiota. The best work, according to me, is presented above.


 I'm dealing more with fashion objects at the momemnt but it's quite likely that I end up cocooning pianos and other stuff with a thread too ;)