15 sie 2012

Ta Haret Tillbaka!

Costume Art


Go out with your armpits unshaven and you may get killed! Sounds ridiculous but facts speak for themselves. This hair-rising story began in March, in Sweden, during the finals of the Melodifestivalen national song contest. Then the librarian, Lina Ehrin, dared to show her unshaven underarm to the world. The gig was recorded and millions of viewers at her sight groaned in disgust. 

A screengrab was uploaded on Facebook what resulted in masses of abusive comments addressed to Lina. But a different voice could be heard, too. Some people came to conclusion that Lina has a right to do with her hair what she feels like. And a revolution started! Many women decided to upload their unshaven pit pics. It caused various reactions including... death threads. And here a quetion arises: why so natural thing like hair causes such an irrational reaction? Are we that brainwashed?! 

I've found a comment under the article (http://www.vice.com/read/a-hairy-situation-0000197-v19n5) made by Tara and I think that's the best conclusion:
"...sheer ingrained disgust in my ten year old daughter blew my mind. I never taught her that natural body hair was yuk, so where the hell has it come from?! Ingrained in society? What other reason would a ten year old have to gross out on it?"

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