29 sie 2012

Frida The It-Girl :)

 Frida Kahlo was a talented Mexican  painter who married a fat asshole Diego Riviera - the photo on the left. To learn something about her works click on the "picture" on the right.
It's been quite a while I've been inspired by Frida's works and Frida herself. Recently I've come across a website where she was called "the unintentional fashion icon" (http://www.trenddelacreme.com/2008/12/frida-kahlo-unintentional-fashion-icon.html) Well, going through fashion magazines I must admit that there is something to it... 

Photo by Gaby Herbstein

Photo by Gaby Herbstein


For Frida

That's a necklace I made being under impression of Frida's works. Later this necklace and the other one were used in a relly cool photo session arranged by Gabriela Bazan.



No doubt, Frida Kahlo didn't care about fashion. She didn't follow any trends. She used clothes and jewellery just for self expression. But with no intention to she became a trend setter, or as you may prefer an It-Girl ;)


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