9 sie 2012

Money Doesn't Smell!

How far may creativity take a designer? It turnes out that into deep deep shit! Is it bad? Not really as long as you can make money on it:) True Blue Roo Poo specializes in gadgets made of poo. And their Gold Koala Poo Earrings are their latest good at sale. Is the good good? Well, if you suspect that jewellery smells you are right! It has a really nice scent of... eucalyptus. Coala bears are on a strict diet, thank God! :)


Time for more freaks! 
All that Herb Williams does all day long is to play with crayons and the best part is that he makes for a living this way. The idea for sculptures made out from crayons came to him in a dream. The idea caught on!
What direction should a designer take to be successful? No idea! That is a good idea itself that is worth its weight in gold! 


Ave, Ave, Freaks! ;)

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