17 sie 2012

Jesus Use Me! :)

I've just seen a list of the worst covers ever seen on ( gadu-gadu.pl/najgorsze-okladki-wszech-czasow?p=8d4ec09d397d34259b357f427aed2f69_19#gallery8d4ec09d397d34259b357f427aed2f69)

Well, I can't call them 'bad' since they've made my day! The list was far way longer. My pick of pics is following:

I'm a kinda Doubting Thomas. If I hadn't seen it I woudn't believe it!

 When it comes to money there are no boundries...

To me it sounds like a death thread;) So OK I will, I will!

 Ken is really hot! From both sides :)

 And here we have a screengrab from a nature film. I almost hear a comment made by David Attenborough on the sea lion :)

Oh,, I've found a song that would accompany this pic perfectly! :) Music, please!

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