10 sie 2012

1% of inspiration 99% of perspiration

Well, I guess each designer has experienced such a mundane process in life at least 100 times. And here a question arises. Is it fun to be a designer then? Definately it is, but to survive in this field you need to be aware of two tricks. First of all, even if you feel your head is emty kick your own ass and do something! It doesn't matter if your project looks smashing at first sight or not. Do even an average thing! Do even a mediocre thing! Don't wait for perfection! Run with that what you have, and fix it as you go. As an old saying goes: it's better to regret what you have done than what you haven't. Secondly, be aware that being succesfull takes mainly one thing sweat, a lot of sweat! So just before you start your work go and get yourself a good deodorant! ;) 

Let me introduce some experts in the field of design! 

Maria Makowska & Piotr Stolarski (GOGO) 


Greg Gonsior


Bartosz Mucha


Michał Radziemski


Surely they worked hard and sweated a lot. I really take pride in these fellows. They deserve the Polish national anthem! :)

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