7 maj 2013

flowers on fire

Bright moments always lead to gloomy moments in my life. Never opposite...

Again I have a feeling that I’m participating in a Greek tragedy. Really unthinkable coincidences have led me to even more unthinkable situations. At the moment, I’m really fed up with walking, searching calling… Again I’m at crosswords when it comes to my professional life and other aspects too. And more and more questions are arising staying unanswered...

The situation repeats itself year after year actually. There’re two months left to my birthday and in May I’m always a bit down and it’s not a question of growing old, to tell the truth I wouldn’t like to be younger even one day. The thing is though I must admit I’m successful a list of successes always seems shortish somehow and I have a sensation of wasted time.

And now, honey, I'm not going any further...Now I want to stop. Going this path's too painful and tiresome. I’ll rather stay here withering instead.

This post is dedicated to my friend Dag, who can read between the lines though not always gets my metaphors ;P Hope the desert-like-feeling making us two flowers on fire will go away soon. That’s my wish for our birthdays :*
 PS. Dag, you're such an angel and I'm such a rebel, I've always been a rebel... but now we feel the same. I still have a gallon of petrol and a box of matches. Let's set fire to this shitty world, Mon Amie!!

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