23 maj 2013

Heartless & less...

And again I’m feeling as if my naked body was lying spread on wet, cold rocks. Really hate it. Do you know this sensation; a sense of total solitude and coldness? People believe that hell is a place full of fire. No, it’s not. Hell is like this; you’re cold, you're alone, enveloped in total silence.

And my heart is floating on the ocean of despair. And I let it go further and further...  

Hey, did you know such a equitation?:


Well in other words you may say that ocean consists of drops while a drop consists of ocean. 
blankituss, girl, alone, fashion, water

And I swallow the ocean and the ocean swallows me. 

Some people believe, I’m among them, that a single person is like a fractal of universe. And I couldn't agree more. “The ingredients” are more or less the same in the case of human body as in the case of the whole universe. A body is just a far way smaller “dose” of all ingredients. And that also explains why in one post I’m writing about fire I’m having inside and about water in the other. I simply consist of both and it really complicates my life ;) 

Now I'm at the turning point but I don't know what to do or where to go and which element will take control over me all I know is I need to move. Inertness means death. 
Ana Beatriz Barros 3

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