2 kwi 2013

I'm All Ears!

Today post is supposed to be about ears... Though it's just a pretext to write about something completely else ;)

Here I'd like to refer to a film that makes all my senses happy. It's "Intouchables".What's the most extraordinary about this film is that it tells a true story! J'adore! I've remembered it 'cause my favourite scene is connected with ears.


I really wanted to upload here the song titled "Takiego Chłopaka" by Mikromusic but for some reason I can't so the link must do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOG988efJYE
I love this song. It's the best 'prayer' I've ever heard and so hillarious and so true... and that sweet sweet voice, balm to my ears... <3

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I wouldn't mind if the fate sent me such a boy! ;)

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