1 wrz 2012

Bad Hair Day

Funny Hairstyles

A Bad Hair Day is something as inevitable as death and taxes and it reaches sooner or later everybody. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Today it's happend to me... So what you can do when your hair is misbehaving and even your cats can't stand your looks?

The only reasonable solution is to... wear a cap! 

To feel better I decided to search for other people who've experienced BHD.

by Richard Avedon



A bear and birds and some eggs... She looks as if St. Francis of Assisi was her personal stylist ;)


A guy with a moustache on his forehead... priceless! ;)

V&R, A/W2005

 A pillow... the worst enemy of your hair...


Sometimes bad hair may cause some great misunderstandings. You may be taken for somebody you aren't, you never were, or even don't want to be ever. A hillarious situation of this kind occurred once to Frank Zappa during of an interview.

"An interviewer with a wooden leg said to Frank Zappa, 'With your long hair, from where I am sitting you could be a woman.' Frank Zappa replied, 'From where I'm sitting you could be a table.'"


I really love this poster! 

Hair extensions may be a good idea. Hair extensions may be a bad idea... But think it twice before you make a change difficult to repair . Buy a cap first! ;)

by Daniel Castro

Kiss, kiss!!! 

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