18 wrz 2012

French Chic - 10 Commandments

“Il faut souffrir pour etre belle.”? Bullshit! According to the icon of fashion, Coco Chanel: "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." So basics have been covered. Now it's time to think what it takes to achieve this unconstrained style of mademoiselles and madames. I bet that most of you thought about money in the first place. Do you really have to fork out to look like a Parisienne? Again, bullshit! :)

Let me prepare ten "commandments" sticking to which will allow you to mimic successfully French style.


I. Wear dark and neutral colours (black, navy, grey and white)
II. Tracksuits? Forget about tracksuits!!!
III Buy yourself a good pair of jeans. What does it mean good? Well, compelementing your figure.
IV. Don't dare to wear leggins without a skirt or tunic. C’est vulgaire!
V. Jacket. Wear mens jackets but make them more femminie. How? Combine it with a flattering top and add a nice belt for examaple, and ta-da! :) 
VI. It's about layers! Wear clothes in a natural way. Everyday clothes are not your uniform, let some bits of your sweater just to peep out from behind your leather jacket. Add an eye-catching scarf et voila! 
VII. Trench. Your wardrobe would be just useless without it.
VIII Don't wear sets. Everybody looks in them riddiculous. And a Parisienne seeing you in them would think your useless at clothes combination. Therefore mix, mix, mix! Expensive and cheap go really well together.
IX. Accessories. Don't wear too much at a time. A necklace, bracelet and earings piled up on one woman are out of question!
X. Shoes. Parisienne hate breaking their legs that's why they avoid stilletoes and they invest in safety, namely in ballerines. Sometimes even sneakers will do! Hard to imagine, huh? ;) 

  Basically, keep your outfit simple. An obvious combination of a T-shirt and jeans can look tres chic when combined with an attractive accessorium.

And time for the EXPERT!:


Audrey Tautou starred the film ‘Coco Before Chanel’. Some people claim that she was a perfect inacarnation of the French fashion icon I'm not that sure of that what I'm sure is that she's got the French look. And looking at her is pleasing to the eye.

Et la chanson!!!

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