9 mar 2013

Women Rule!

photo by Magdebursky, my collar :)

This post was intended for yesterday but yesterday I had no access to the Internet all day long. But in this case a date doesn't matter since I'm writing about a thing that on the 9th of March is still true :)

In the first place, I'd like to refer to women who are named almost the same like me; two Lygias: Lygia Pape and Lygia Clark.

Lygia Pape is most famous for this work:

Lygia Pape - DIVISOR, 1968, Tecido


Lygia Pape, Ttéia, Biennale de Venise
Love is so difficult to catch, isn't it? ;)  Lygia somehow managed :)

 And now Lygia Clark is coming! :)
Lygia Clark, expérimentation de l&rsquo;artiste. Photographie noir et blanc<br><br>Courtesy Lygia Clark © Lygia Clark
dialogue of hands
Dialogue of Hands, http://bodytracks.org/2009/06/lygia-clark-and-helio-oiticica-dialogo-de-manos-dialogue-of-hands

And at the end Shirin Neshat with her "explosive" materials ;)


And again Peter inspired me to writing this post. Thank U, Peter :)*
Song for you sung by the greatest woman of all :)

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