12 paź 2012


Let me take you to the parallel world. The world which will enchant you! I came across by pure chance these extraordinary and distinguished by breathtaking beauty, dolls. Their authour, Marina Bychkova, was disgusted by mediocrity of mass-producted dolls and decided to make something contrary, unique pieces of art.

Let me introduce the Enchanted Dolls


Enchanted Dolls by Marina Bychkova


 And here we have a photo session, inspired by dollies too, from 25th issue of Lounge that really enchanted me. Aneta Kowalczyk is its author. Though her surname is very common in Poland the high standards of photography she achieved are not. 



The following portraits come from Annie Collinges' forthcoming, Five Inches of Limbo. The series was inspired by dolls found in junk stores. What makes the cycle even more interesing is the fact that the models are   mostly strangers Annie met on the streets.

These portraits are from Annie Collinge’s forthcoming self-published book, Five Inches of Limbo. It was inspired by dolls found in junk stores and Margaret Atwood’s “Five Poems for Dolls,” also included in the book. Annie’s models are mostly strangers she met on the streets of New York or on the subway.
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  1. niesamowite zdjęcia, mogłabym tak godzinami gapić się na lalki. Bardzo ciekawy artykuł!! Przesyłam linka do innych lalek: http://weburbanist.com/2009/11/02/amazingly-strange-handmade-dolls-puppets-sculpture/

    Pozdrowienia!! Z niecierpliwością czekam na kolejny artykuł.